First Book: Update

First Book *UPDATE: GOOD NEWS!!! If you still didn’t a copy of the book I took some price off from the original price $90.00 and made another option for the book. 1) Hard Cover (Dust Cover) 2) Hard Cover (Image Wrap) so a Hard Cover (Dust Cover) now costs $73.00 and a Hard Cover (Image Wrap) costs $80.00 *doesn’t include shipment Are you ready? 200 pages of black and white, published and unpublished work from 2009-2013 coming your way. This is by far my most personal project. So much blood, sweat and tears shed in the making, and love, a lot of love from amazing people who were and still are always there for me. To Purchase click on the photo or HERE Thank you!


Camille Cremet

The last time I shot Camille was last year! You can see in the albums here where we did a sunny editorial on a rooftop on some building in Makati City. But now I just wanted to do something simple, black and whites, vintage, so everything was perfect. *Update: I added a video portrait link with camille before the photos, enjoy guys!

Styling Nicola Yulo

Hair and Make-up Cats del Rosario

Model Camille Cremet @ IM Agency


The Dreamers

My aussie boys! Kyle & Aaron!!! If you want to see the video portrait for this session click on these links & Styling by Janno Novenario, Assistant Styling: Argie Salango, Hair and Make-up by Nanan Villalba

Enjoy! A.

Because I like it.

I had been a smoker for some years now, but its not everyday, I do get to smoke every once in awhile and until I made it as habit. I just love smoking, the inspiration I get from it is indescribable! I don’t know if anyone out there has the same feeling like I do. I have stopped now and its been a month and still on going, I’d rather drink than smoke… that’s my motto for now. But as a photographer and an artist it is always a thrill to inject some of my photos with gorgeous people smoking, I love it. So here’s a tribute for you all lovers out there who likes this bad-sexy habit. It’s been featured in HOMOTOGRAPHY

More photos here

x A.