First Book: Update

First Book *UPDATE: GOOD NEWS!!! If you still didn’t a copy of the book I took some price off from the original price $90.00 and made another option for the book. 1) Hard Cover (Dust Cover) 2) Hard Cover (Image Wrap) so a Hard Cover (Dust Cover) now costs $73.00 and a Hard Cover (Image Wrap) costs $80.00 *doesn’t include shipment Are you ready? 200 pages of black and white, published and unpublished work from 2009-2013 coming your way. This is by far my most personal project. So much blood, sweat and tears shed in the making, and love, a lot of love from amazing people who were and still are always there for me. To Purchase click on the photo or HERE Thank you!



So another portrait session takes place but now in Bangkok, Thailand! Shot a good friend of mine Jamie from England. I like my portraits raw. No retouching, just real true portraits.

Some Work.

I’m sorry everyone! My website is down as of the moment, the new one is currently in the process and it’s good… new layout/ design, new works, new love coming your way 🙂 , but to make up for the time that you wont be seeing my site here’s some work that’s coming your way in the coming weeks/months. It has been a great month and hopefully it would be more great in the coming seasons. x A.