About andrianjutba

Andrian finished his degree in International Studies at Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan), photography, which has always been at the back of his mind, became his passion. He started fashion photography in the beginning of 2008 and has been focusing on it up until this time. Andrian's photographic style in general is to keep things as natural and believable as possible while at the same time capturing the raw emotion of the person he is photographing. He gets most of his inspiration from everyday life. Known for his preference for natural light, fantastic and sensual storyboards, and eye for capturing the right emotion of the subject, Andrian's works have this kind of sensuality that leaves the viewer wanting more. Natural, Spontaneous, Sensual. It's about their faces, about their bodies. For commercial portfolio, price inquiries and other information contact andrianjutba@gmail.com for details

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Hey everyone! Here’s a series of portraits I did with Leandro from Argentina. What I like about Leandro is he is such a natural model, effortless I must say. I had a great time shooting video and photos with him, and I couldn’t get enough of him. I hope to shoot him again in the future because he is one of the models that really makes a photographer inspired. I will be posting some of my favorite photos from our session, so stay tuned.





First Book: Update

First Book *UPDATE: GOOD NEWS!!! If you still didn’t a copy of the book I took some price off from the original price $90.00 and made another option for the book. 1) Hard Cover (Dust Cover) 2) Hard Cover (Image Wrap) so a Hard Cover (Dust Cover) now costs $73.00 and a Hard Cover (Image Wrap) costs $80.00 *doesn’t include shipment Are you ready? 200 pages of black and white, published and unpublished work from 2009-2013 coming your way. This is by far my most personal project. So much blood, sweat and tears shed in the making, and love, a lot of love from amazing people who were and still are always there for me. To Purchase click on the photo or HERE Thank you!

Camille Cremet

The last time I shot Camille was last year! You can see in the albums here where we did a sunny editorial on a rooftop on some building in Makati City. But now I just wanted to do something simple, black and whites, vintage, so everything was perfect. *Update: I added a video portrait link with camille before the photos, enjoy guys!

Styling Nicola Yulo

Hair and Make-up Cats del Rosario

Model Camille Cremet @ IM Agency



Hey everyone! It has been awhile since my last posting here, was busy getting my self lost in the city of Bangkok. The city is fucking fantastic by the way if you haven’t been here now it’s time to plan! I was taking my camera wherever I go from the streets to the temples, it was pretty fun but I missed already shooting portraits and then I met Ivan! All I can say is wow amazing eyes really, very calm and at the same time very engaging. So here’s a few portraits that I did with him, I will update this folder in the coming days. So stay tuned!


Danny J

Danny Danny. My latest portrait  session with this amazing kid, special thanks to my good friend Michael all the way from the NY! I will be doing a few more portraits before I go travelling again which is like a few more weeks to go. And to go with this portrait session I also made a video portrait for Danny link can be found below. Enjoy everyone and have a great weekend!


Danny J Video Portrait

Styling Jhay Lhayson

Model Danny J Herman